NO. 1 for Women Perfume Spray


3.300 lei (TVA inclus)

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Wanting to push the parameters of what is acceptable, Clive Christian turned his creative design to having a fragrance for the night. No. 1 was created with passion. It has great personality; it is refined and without question highly distinctive and original. It is a perfume which stands out from the crowd; it is the fragrance of ultimate luxury. No. 1 is about being number one. It makes its wearer shine out like the diamond solitaire which nestles on its collar. Clive’s inspiration and brief to the perfumer was that there were no cost constraints; the perfumer was given carte-blanche, a rare occurrence. The result was the world’s most expensive perfume. In Clive’s mind this was the fragrance for the confident, worldly, and uncompromising.

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