Vintner's Daughter was founded with a singular goal in mind: to create category-defining skincare that delivers unmatched quality, multi-correctional performance, and universal efficacy. Uncompromising skin nutrition, transformative results. Discover the power of multi-correctional, whole plant skincare.
“Using both ancient and modern techniques, we create nutritional skincare that is instantly recognized by the skin, and amplifies its own powers of regeneration, balance, and repair. The results are lasting and generative, meaning your skin gets better with every use.” – April Gargiulo, Founder
Vintner’s Daughter was founded on the principles of unparalleled quality and efficacy, inspired by the founder’s background in the world of fine winemaking and its uncompromising standards.
The two products of the brands, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum have set new standards for performance, quality, and safety. Achieving such excellence requires a great amount of time and resources, and a commitment and dedication to the ideals of craftsmanship.
April Gargiulo is passionate about making the world’s finest skincare and hopes to forge a lifelong connection with customers through mutual respect, giving back, deep gratitude and a shared reverence for beauty in all its forms.

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