"The idea of a Pozzo di Borgo brand is a dream I always wanted to turn into reality. There are a lot of personalities in my family, a lot of characters and each of these personalities can be incarnated in perfume and these characters can evoke something in other people. Also one can find similar characters in other families—there are a lot of joyful persons, a lot of melancholic persons as well as creative ones. The main idea is to create the olfactive portrait inspired by the Pozzo di Borgos.

I’ve entered the Perfume Universe with the help of my mother who raised me in the midst of scents, perfumers and samples which finally pushed me towards the profession and the idea of creating Pozzo di Borgo House.

At first, I decided to use my family members’ names as perfume titles but then I was afraid that people would misjudge the names. Finally, I stopped at using dates of birth instead. It not only indicates a person who inspired a scent but also helps to imagine an epoch connected to the date. If we speak about the scent that represents me—it’s the eighties, but if we have a look at the fragrance representing Carl Andrea Pozzo di Borgo we’ll see that it’s totally another era!"
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