Extrait d'Atelier

   Its name is EXTRAIT D’ATELIER

It’s an atelier of life to be worn.
It’s the alchemy that transforms the art of making into a way of being.
It’s a luxury that joins spirit and sensuality.
It’s as unique as the story of each and every one of us.
Liquid emotions.

Inside their iridescent bottles, EXTRAIT D’ATELIER fragrances encapsulate the story of a great artisan past and the sublime essences of savoir-faire, a precious legacy to be touched. Through a sophisticated olfactory journey, they bear witness to the joy and ingenuity, passion and dedication of skilful craftsmanship, evoking in their wearer the desire to feel like a Maestro too, a desire for life and the subtle art of knowing how to live it.

Centuries of craftsmanship, of bustles  in the ateliers, give birth to the supreme expression of luxury, that which – and even more so today, in this age of anonymous mass production – generates wonder and passion. It’s not only a scent that through smell, the most ancient of our senses, evokes a memory, but fragrances which create an alchemy that can fuse space, time and personality and distil them in tiny pearls.

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