The concept of COLORS JAPONICA derives from a unique Japanese aesthetics and mindful approach to discover beauty in your everyday life. Inspired by traditional Japanese colors that portray a wide spectrum of color palette found in nature and its plants, AOIRO reinterpreted these color associations into three distinctive scent compositions that will revive each memory of these unique colors.

YANAGI IRO  color of the willow leaves  /  DAIDAI IRO - color of the citrus fruit  /  SORA IRO - color of the sky 

The finest fragrant raw materials were selected by both their ‘unique scent profiles’ and ‘therapeutic qualities of each plant’ to compose the scents of COLORS JAPONICA, and carefully gathered from a different part of the world. These are the essences and absolutes that are distilled and extracted from flowers, woods, citruses, and spices. They are then composed and hand-blended in their purest form in the AOIRO atelier. These unique and refined scents of dedicated creations allow you to always discover new impressions & associations over the course of time, that bring you a range of colorful state of mind, ideal for each moment.

The packaging concept of COLORS JAPONICA was developed with the use of authentic materials and techniques combined with a modern interpretation. It reflects the elements and philosophy of the Japanese ‘art of packaging’, and at the same time the distinctive culture of ‘gift giving’. In order to implement these qualities, AOIRO has carefully selected authentic materials from different regions of Japan, which enabled them to work closely with skilled artisans who still follow the traditional approach and technique of creations.

Each of the Paulownia wooden boxes (Paulownia imperialis) is tailor-made, individually assembled, and branded by the hands of a master craftsman. This precious wood has been traditionally used as a chest of drawers for kimono or as a box to store acclaimed art objects and antiquities. Several types of textured washi (traditional Japanese paper) were selected as product labels,  and manually embossed in gold or colors to accompany different materials of wood, glass, and porcelain. Finally, delicately-thin handmade washi paper gently wraps the product and it is closed by a colorful knot of Mizuhiki (decorative strings made from washi) which are being used as artistic ornaments at various occasions and ceremonies.

AOIRO hopes you enjoy unwrapping your COLORS JAPONICA.


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